About us

The EGA company was founded in 1998. We manufacture elegant handkerchiefs that are available in three collections:

  • male,
  • ladies,
  • children.

We work with the largest haberdashery and clothing wholesalers in the country and abroad. The high quality of our tissues and the timeless design of the materials are the elements that distinguish our products.

We also had the pleasure of making handkerchiefs for the Holy Father, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Franciszek. It was a great honor and distinction for us. Acknowledgments, which in the form of a letter were addressed to the company’s owner, Ewa Pacak, have an honorary place in our office.

We hope that you will also benefit from the EGA offer. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of handkerchiefs and to place orders through the online store, where, apart from the mentioned assortment, you can find a wide selection of diapers made of tetre and flannel.

Our company also performs sewing orders based on customer’s designs. We are always ready to meet the individual quality and quantity needs of our clients.

The EGA team